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Beautifully Restored and Updated

Model A Deluxe Roadster

Ready to Drive or Show



VEHICLE HISTORY: The current owner inherited this partially restored Model A from his father in 1999. It was completely disassembled down to the bare frame, the bodywork was painted, and there were boxes of almost everything else needed to complete the restoration. He lovingly finished the restoration over the next 3 years, and had it on the road by 2002. In the last 13 years he has driven it only 1300 miles, shown it locally many times, and enjoyed this father’s pride and joy. It was stored winters, and is in beautiful condition considering the years since the restoration. It has been obviously loved, and well taken care of. Their life is changing, and no time to enjoy the Model A, so this beautiful Roadster is ready for the next owner to drive, show, and enjoy!

The engine was rebuilt at Hart’s Machine Service http://www.hartsmachineservice.com/home.html the oldest and most experienced engine shop in the area. They have rebuilt hundreds of Model A engines and offer many updates that were taken advantage of during the rebuild (see below). Further vehicle upgrades and accessories are listed below.

MARQUE HISTORY: Henry Ford’s successful replacement for the Model T, the Model A continued the Model T’s legacy to put America on Wheels from 1928 to 1931. The Model A was given a substantial face lift for 1930. Larger 4.75 tires on smaller 19” wheels resulted in an overall height reduction which along with wider fenders, a deeper radiator shell, and the elimination of the cowl stanchion were all contributors to the 1930 Model A’s fresh new look. Over 4.8 million Model As were produced between 1928 and 1931. For 1930 there were many body styles available and the Deluxe Roadster was introduced. Only 11,318 Deluxe Roadsters were produced for 1930 with a base price of $495.

For more detailed Model A history visit this site:  http://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_model_a/his_model_a/

INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: Spare Tire, Jack, Crank Handle, Ford Tool Pouch w/Tools, Restoration Receipts, Original Head, Intake, Carburetor, Choke & Fan, Fender & Cowl Covers, Custom Car Cover, Convertible Top Boot, Trunk Cover.

SPECIFICATIONS: 200.5CI, Inline L-Head, 4-Cylinder, 40HP, Cast Iron Block, 3.875” Bore X 4.250” Stroke, 19” Welded Wire Wheels, 4.75X19 Tires, 103.5” Wheelbase, 3-Speed Manual Transmission, 3.77:1 Rear Axle Ratio, Mechanical Brakes, 2230 Pound Curb Weight.

OPTIONS:   Flying Quail Radiator Cap, Dual Fender Mounted Spare Tires, Driver Windshield Mounted Rear View Mirror, White Sidewall Tires, Side Curtain Set, Etched Glass Wind Wings.

ENGINE UPGRADES: Balanced Crankshaft, Aluminum Pistons, Lightened Flywheel, Touring Cam Shaft, High Compression Head (Original Head Included), Hardened Valve Seats, Adjustable Valves.

OTHER UPGRADES: Weber 2-BBL Carburetor & Intake W/Manual Choke, (Original Intake, Carburetor & Choke Included) Electric Fuel Pump, Electric Fuel Shut-Off, 6V Alternator, 6-Blade Fan, Water Pump Seals, Heavy Duty Radiator, Oil Pressure Gauge.

ACCESSORIES: Car Cover, Convertible Top Boot, Jack & Crank Handle, Fender & Cowl Covers, Luggage Rack, Trunk, Trunk Boot, Radiator Stone Guard, Spare Tire Mounted Rear View Mirrors, Hood Prop Kit.



Call Jeff at 419-344-0319 (Mobile) or 419-353-8338 (Office) or email me jeffsnook01@gmail.com for more information or if you have any questions.



We do a mechanical and cosmetic inspection to each vehicle before listing it for sale. This report is included below will provide a reasonable description of the vehicle condition. Older vehicles are subject to normal wear and tear and we have tried to indicate the overall condition of the vehicle to the best of our ability. But, we can not always find everything that is not perfect with a vehicle, so independent inspections are welcome and encouraged. We drive each vehicle approximately 20 miles, but this is no indication of its long term road-worthiness. The only guarantee with an older vehicle is that someplace, sometime, something will need repaired!

Click this link for Vehicle Inspection 1930 Model A Roadster



An immediate PayPal $500 deposit is required upon purchase. The balance of a 25% deposit is required within 3 days from purchase and full payment to be made within 10 days from purchase. Payment to be made by cash in person, or bank to bank wire transfer only. Personal, certified or bank checks are not accepted for payment. Overseas shipments and/or finance documentation will require an additional $100 fee to cover the time and costs associated with either of these items.

You are responsible for shipping. Buyer to arrange, pay for, and have vehicle transported within 30 days from purchase. For an estimate of shipping costs, we suggest using:  http://gigamoves.com/   Just plug in our zip code (43402), your destination zip code, and some additional info for some online quotes. Storage is available after the 30 days for $110/month.

Please be aware you are buying this car “AS IS – NO WARRANTY”.



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