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Spectacular Chevy 3100

RestoMod Pickup

Ready to Cruise Anywhere



VEHICLE HISTORY: The current owner purchased this truck in 2003. He drove one on the family farm when he was younger and was looking for a rust free and solid 5-window pickup to restore. He found one in Kansas that was rust free, but well used. It was a perfect candidate for his project. He is a true automobile old-school craftsman and this truck is a testament to his knowledge and skills. Two years later after thousands of hours this beauty was on the road and ready to enjoy. 10 years and 1,500 miles later it has been well sorted, and now ready for a new owner to enjoy this Chevy 3100 RestoMod pickup. 

The truck was completely disassembled, every nut and bolt taken apart and brought back to better than new condition. Most of the body panels were restored and reused. The suspension was completely rebuilt. A later 235CI 6-cylinder engine was sourced and rebuilt with performance in mind (see photo of engine machine work). This engine produces close to 190HP (see photo of computer dyno sheet). Check the list of upgrades (below) to see how he modified this truck during the restoration. It has been upgraded for great performance and highway driving, yet still retains the striking good looks of the Chevrolet “Advanced Design” pickups of the era. The gauges and instruments have been restored and everything works, including the period AM radio!

Start it up and the engine has a nice “snarl” through the dual exhaust as the revs come up. The idle is a little lumpy with the period 6-cylinder Corvette cam. It sounds and feels just right! Take it out on the highway and cruise effortlessly at 70 MPH. 

MARQUE HISTORY: Production of Chevrolet’s Advance Design trucks began in 1947. This brand new post war design was more attractive and modern with the headlights integrated into the fenders and the door hinges concealed within the sheet metal. The total redesign including the fender tops, hood line, and cab roof all worked together to streamline the appearance of the new Chevy trucks. 

The main attraction of the “Advanced Design” truck was its strengthened, more durable cab, with more room and outward visibility. The widened cab provided 8” more hip room, 3.5” more shoulder space, and 12” more room in the foot well. Upgraded springs in the new 3-passenger seat, and larger doors, all contributed to a more comfortable driving truck. The modern styling and bigger, better cabs of the “Advanced Design” trucks rolled on, year in and year out, into the mid 1950s. 

INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: Shop Manual, Engine Work Receipt, Dyno Sheet, Small Carpeted Floor Mats.

SPECIFICATIONS: 235CI, Inline 6-Cylinder, 190HP, Cast Iron Block, 118” Wheelbase, 197” O/A Length, 74” O/A Width, 78” Inside Bed Length, 50” Inside Bed Width, 3500 Pound Curb Weight, 4500 Pound GVW, 3.08:1 Rear Axle Ratio. 

UPGRADES: “BUILT & BALANCED” 235CI 6-Cylinder Engine w/Period Corvette Cam, Hardened Valve Seats, .030+ Pistons, Insert Bearings, Offenhauser Intake, Dual Carburetors, Fenton Cast Headers, Dual Exhaust, Polished Aluminum Finned Wayne Valve & Tappet Covers, Front Disc Brakes, Muncie M22 4-Speed, Hurst Shifter, 1956 Chevy 3:08 Rear Axle, Modern Driveshaft, 12V Electrical System, Alternator, Front Sway Bar, Tachometer, 15” Rally Wheels, BFG Radial Tires, Turn Signals. 

OPTIONS:   Deluxe Cab (Polished Stainless Window Surrounds & 2-Visors) 5-Window Cab, Chrome Grille, Dual Tail/Stop Lights, AM Radio, Outside Air Heater/Defroster (not wired), Matched Horns, Rear View Mirror, Oil Filter.  

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Call Jeff at 419-344-0319 (Mobile) or 419-353-8338 (Office) or email me jeffsnook01@gmail.com for more information or if you have any questions. 



We do a mechanical and cosmetic inspection to each vehicle before listing it for sale. This report included below will provide a reasonable description of the vehicle condition. Older vehicles are subject to normal wear and tear and we have tried to indicate the overall condition of the vehicle to the best of our ability. But, we can not always find everything that is not perfect with a vehicle, so independent inspections are welcome and encouraged. We drive each vehicle approximately 20 miles, but this is no indication of its long term road-worthiness. The only guarantee with an older vehicle is that someplace, sometime, something will need repaired! 

INSPECTION REPORT:  Click on the below link for a pdf of the Inspection Report:

Vehicle Inspection 1950 Chevy Restomod Pickup



An immediate PayPal $500 deposit is required upon purchase. The balance of a 25% deposit is required within 3 days from purchase and full payment to be made within 10 days. Payment to be made by cash in person, or bank to bank wire transfer only. Personal, certified or bank checks are not accepted for payment. Overseas shipments and/or finance documentation will require an additional $100 fee to cover the time and costs associated with either of these items. 

You are responsible for shipping. Buyer to arrange, pay for, and have vehicle transported within 30 days from purcase. For an estimate of shipping costs, we suggest using http://gigamoves.com/   Just plug in our zip code (43402), your destination zip code, and some additional info for some online quotes. Storage is available after the 30 days for $110/month.




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