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Rare BMW Isetta 300

Older Restoration

Ready to Drive & Surprise



VEHICLE HISTORY: My father purchased this Microcar at the Auburn Car Coral in September of 2003. He thought it was a cute little addition to our just opened Antique Car Museum. It is so small it was delivered in the back of a ½ ton pickup truck! As with all the cars in our Museum this one was driven regularly, and any required maintenance was performed to keep it “Running, Reliable, and Ready to Go”. My father passed away and this rare 1957 BMW Isetta 2-door sedan is being sold to finance additional cars for the collection.

NOTE: Although the S/N plate states 1956, the vehicle is titled as a 1957.

MARQUE HISTORY: After WWII most Germans could not afford to purchase a BMW luxury/sports car. BMW turned to Iso of Italy and acquired the manufacturing rights to the Isetta “bubble car” to keep the factory open and producing affordable cars. The BMW Isetta offered basic transportation to car-starved Germans.

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SPECIFICATIONS: 298cc, 13 HP, Single Cylinder, 72mm Bore X 73mm Stroke, Bing 1-BBL Carburetor, 7:1 Compression Ratio, 2.31:1 Rear Axle Ratio, 4-Speed Manual Transmission, Rear Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, 775 Lb. Curb Weight, 58” Wheelbase, 90” O/A Length, 54.5” O/A Width, 1-Bench Seat, Steel Tube Chassis, Hydraulic Brakes, 4.80”X10” Steel Wheels, 12V Electric System, 3.4 Gallon Fuel Tank.

INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: Maintenance Receipts 2003 – Current.  

CONTACT INFORMATION: Call Jeff at 419-344-0319 (Mobile) or 419-353-8338 (Office) or email me jeffsnook01@gmail.com for more information or if you have any questions.


We do a mechanical and cosmetic inspection to each vehicle before listing it for sale. This report is included below will provide a reasonable description of the vehicle condition. Older vehicles are subject to normal wear and tear and we have tried to indicate the overall condition of the vehicle to the best of our ability. But, we can not always find everything that is not perfect with a vehicle, so independent inspections are welcome and encouraged. We drive each vehicle approximately 20 miles, but this is no indication of its long term road-worthiness. The only guarantee with an older vehicle is that someplace, sometime, something will need repaired!

Click on the following link for the Vehicle Inspection:
Vehicle Inspection 1957 BMW Isetta



An immediate PayPal $500 deposit is required upon purchase. The balance of a 25% deposit is required within 3 days from purchase and full payment to be made within 10 days. Payment to be made by cash in person, or bank to bank wire transfer only. Personal, certified or bank checks are not accepted for payment. Overseas shipments and/or finance documentation will require an additional $100 fee to cover the time and costs associated with either of these items.

You are responsible for shipping. Buyer to arrange, pay for, and have vehicle transported within 30 days from purchase. For an estimate of shipping costs, we suggest using: http://gigamoves.com/   Just plug in our zip code (43402), your destination zip code, and some additional info for some online quotes. Storage is available after the 30 days for $110/month.

Please be aware you are buying this car “AS IS – NO WARRANTY”. Vehicle is being advertised locally and the auction may end early if sold.



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